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Gas Fitting Services in Sydney

Gas fitting systems is one of the essential systems most Australian homes have. Without them, it would be impossible to live comfortably and safely. Gas fitting issues should never be taken lightly. They are considered to be plumbing emergencies that should be attended immediately. All Needs Plumbing is one of the leading gas fitting specialists in Sydney. You can always give us a call for any gas fitting issue, with free estimates and guaranteed quality work all the time.

What We Offer

We have been in the business of plumbing and gas fitting for a decade, with a wide experience gained from servicing households and commercial establishments Sydney wide. Our team in All Needs Plumbing are fully licensed, professional and experienced gas fitters and the best in the area. Our team is fully trained and equipped to ensure that repairs, replacements and new gas fitting installations are working efficiently.
  • Competent and licensed gas plumbers for carrying out gas installation works
  • 1-year guarantee on gas fitting installation and services
  • A 24/7 team ready to attend to your gas fitting requirements
  • Licensed gas fitters who are honest and professional
  • Remarkable 10-year experience in the plumbing industry
  • Work practices, equipment and services within competency standards of the state of New South Wales
To ensure that all the gas fitting work performed to your property is within Building Standards and safe, work with a licensed gas fitting company like All Needs Plumbing. We ensure that every gas installation project we carry out is performed by a professional holding an appropriate gas fitter’s licence.

Licensed Gas Fitting Services

Gas fitting work is defined in the Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installations Regulations 1999 and refers to any work, process or operation that is connected to the installation, removal, demolition, replacement, alteration, repair and maintenance of a gas installation. It should be carried out by a professional and licensed gas fitter as stated by the law.
All Needs Plumbing provides a wide range of gas fitting services. We have plumbers who are licensed to perform different gas fitting services and are always ready to attend to your needs.
Here are the following licences issued for gas fitting works:

Class G Licence

This covers all gas fitting work except for work classified under Class I, E and P. These services include general gas fitting services – both natural gas and LPG gas. The licence also covers work that includes the servicing and installation of Residential, Commercial, Caravan and Marine craft installations.

Class I Licence

This covers gas fitting work on consumer gas installation including all Type B appliances. These include the installation, commissioning, servicing and piping works that operate in a pressure of more than 200kPA.

Class E Licence

This covers gas fitting works for mobile engines.

Class P Licence

This covers gas fitting work on a gas installation associated with the storage and dispensing of gas that is used for refuelling a motor vehicle as defined in the section of the Road Traffic Act 1974.

All Needs Plumbing Gas Fitting Services

All Needs Plumbing covers a wide range of gas fitting services. These include the following:

Hot Water Gas Systems

Water heating systems are essential in every Australian home. Whether you have an electric or a gas water heating system, you will eventually need them checked by a professional regularly. Hot water gas heating systems should always work efficiently to avoid additional costs in your end. Unnoticed leaks can do a lot of damage on your water bill. All Needs Plumbing recommends gas hot water systems for households that require a continuous flow of hot water. Whether you have an electric or a gas hot water system at home, our professionals can attend to every installation, repair or maintenance service, with highly competitive prices for our clients.

Gas Heating

Functional and efficient water heating systems are essential, especially during the cold weather months in Sydney. A cost-efficient hot water system should always work reliably during this time of the year. All Needs Plumbing is equipped in installing heating systems for your home. We have professional gas fitters specialising in gas heating installation services, who are available 24/7 to attend to your needs.

Gas Ovens

Gas-powered ovens for cooking are among the basic needs of a relaxing and cosy home. They are economical and much more affordable than electrically powered cooking systems. They make cooking faster and they are more environmentally conscious compared to electric ovens. Gas ovens are also a perfect choice for cooking slow-cooked food and roasts that Australians mostly enjoy. If you are planning to replace or upgrade your current oven, All Needs Plumbing is the best professional to work with. We have been installing all types of gas ovens all throughout the major cities and suburbs of Sydney for a decade. Our team can assist all your gas oven service needs, any time of the day or night.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are very dangerous. If you suspect a leak in your gas fitting system, you should immediately call a professional gas fitter to attend to this. It should be treated as an emergency that requires fast response and no delays. All Needs Plumbing can attend to your gas leak emergencies any time of the day, 7 days a week. We have been dealing with gas problems for a very long time. You are guaranteed to be in good hands when you contact our team.

Why Choose Us?

Gas fitting systems are vital needs, especially in cooking and warming up homes in Sydney and the rest of New South Wales. Through time, your gas fitting system may encounter a wide range of issues. Leaks on the main line and old pipes and malfunctions are just a few of the probable gas fitting issues that may happen. When you invest in a new property or move into a different home, it pays to have your gas fitting system checked, or installed by a professional. Call All Needs Plumbing at 1300 110 230 to get professional help for your gas fitting needs.
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Tweety Sweety

My hot water is back on! Thanks to Daniel, we didn’t end up paying thousand of dollars for a new hot water system the other companies recommended. Instead he fixed our current one for a fraction of the price. Bonus, he unblocked our drain at the same time - all services were done professionally and courteously. A fantastic local business.


Daniel has been an pleasure to work with helping us get a really good deal on our new fixtures and has Been really helpful in answering our questions as my partner and I are new to this. We appreciate his honestly and respectful work ethic. He is very polite. Would love to work with him again and would recommend him to anyone.

Costa Mappis

Daniel and George were very prompted in attending my grandparents property to address a blocked pipe issue. They provided a great service and pricing was very reasonable. Will not hesitste to use again!

Martino Piccolo

Daniel and George make a great team. I have never seen a plumbing team work as clean and efficient as these two guys. Extremely respectful and kept me in the loop for the entire process. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for tradesmen that work with pride ....and not to mention Extremely knowledgeable and well equipped to do any job.

Angelina Stratigos

Outstanding customer service! Got to the problem and fixed the blockage in the toilet in a "flash" with a smile! Cleaned-up afterwards. Provided shopping guidance on tapware. Daniel showed excellent product knowledge and patience. Trust me....You won't be disappointed.

Haylee March

Daniel and his team are awesome, they always turn up on time and do an incredible job. We have had them do repairs at our house and our investment property and also installation of gas/plumbing for our brand new kitchen. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Elizabeta Zvezdakovski

A very quick response to my initial call. Very happy with everything the boys did from start to finish, showed up on time, very professional, fast and efficient, explained everything thoroughly and even though the weather conditions were very bad they did not stop until they completed the job. Excellent customer service. I highly recommend All Needs plumbing to everyone who wants a great plumbing job.

Jim Paras

Prime Home Care Services has always utilised All Needs Plumbing for our clients plumbing needs. Servicing the Aged Care Sector we depend our contractors to “Tick” all the boxes with Insurances / Police Checks along with on-time appointments and All Needs Plumbing does just that. We highly recommend All Needs Plumbing.

Jordan Kidis

Big thank you to the guys at All Needs Plumbing! I called when I couldn’t stop my shower from leaking and they were happy to make time for me straight away. The boys were professional and efficient. I will definitely be calling them for all future plumbing needs. Thanks again guys