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Backflow Prevention Service

Backflow prevention is one of the requirements and responsibilities of homeowners and business owners in Sydney Australia. Property owners must ensure that they have full control on any potentially harmful contaminants that may enter into the drinking supply of the water supply system. An annual checking and compliance certificate is required, for both businesses and households, to ensure that the plumbing and drainage for any property does not pose a risk to the public drinking water supply. All Needs Plumbing is one of the licensed plumbing companies in Sydney for backflow assessment, compliance check, and prevention techniques.

Backflow Device Installation and Backflow Prevention

All Needs Plumbing offers a risk assessment process that is strictly followed to be able to determine any risk for backflow in a property or establishment. The assessment addresses all the requirements of the Backflow Prevention Standard to be able to determine if a property has a high, medium or low hazard risk in contaminating the drinking water supply.
A backflow is present in a property as the water from the household or establishment travels backward into the pipes. If this occurs, contaminants from the property’s drainage may carry contaminants to the general water supply and pose danger to people’s health.
Devices used to prevent water from flowing back to the main pipes are generally called backflow devices. A backflow device has one of the following elements that helps prevent the water from flowing backwards: a valve that only lets water flow in one direction, a break tank, and an air gap. These devices are necessary to protect the water quality. Homes and businesses are required by law to keep these devices working to prevent compromising the water supply system in the area.
A property owner must ensure that a water system has the right type of backflow prevention device and that it is properly maintained and certified annually.

Backflow Device Installation and Assessment Process

Here is a short guide on the process we follow when attending to your water supply system for backflow testing and prevention:

Hazard Rating Assessment

All Needs Plumbing is an accredited backflow plumbing company that is capable of assessing the hazard rating of your backflow devices. We use these hazard ratings to assess changes in the activity of your backflow devices.

Device Installation

Our licensed plumbers are trained and experienced in installing the right type of devices required for your water system at home. We ensure our clients that compliance certificates are sent immediately to Sydney Water, within two days after the installation of high and medium hazard devices, or after the annual test.

Device Testing

We are also responsible for testing high and medium hazard backflow devices. We can attend to device testing services after the installation of your backflow devices and a year after the device is installed as required by the state.

Backflow Services for Low and High Hazard Properties

Backflow is present when there is a drop of pressure in a public water main or during a main break. If the water pressure in the property is higher than the main break or if a pump is operating on the site, backflow may be present. The contaminants may enter the drinking water system through a cross connection that may be caused by faulty plumbing or due to the hoses submerged in buckets, pools or tanks.

All Needs Plumbing provides the different types of backflow devices depending on the following degree of hazard a property possesses:

Low Hazard Properties

Businesses and homeowners in low hazard properties are required by law to get a non-testable backflow prevention containment device installed. For a 20-25mm water metre, installing a simple backflow prevention device like an integral dual check valve does the work. A separate device installation is required if the property covers a larger area, an unmetered water connection, or a high or medium hazard rating.

Medium Hazard Properties

Medium hazard properties are required to get a testable double check valve assembly as a backflow prevention device. A medium risk property is a category given to properties whose connection with the drinking water supply system could endanger health.

High Hazard Properties

High hazard properties are required to register a break tank and reduce the pressure zone for a backflow device to be effective. A registered air gap is also required for these properties.

Unknown Hazard Rating

For properties with unknown hazard ratings, or is not yet assessed, it is immediately assumed as a high hazard property and shall adapt the backflow devices required for high hazard properties. Property owners with unknown hazard rating are required to register a break tank, a reduced pressure zone and/or a registered air gap.
The hazard rating of a property’s backflow operation determines the type of device that is required to be installed to prevent backflow. When backflow risks are high due to multiple processes, the highest hazard rating is applied to the property. Before the device installation, the accredited backflow plumber must assess the site’s hazard rating and test the backflow device. All Needs Plumbing has accredited backflow plumbers, licensed under the NSW Fair Trading.

Why Choose Us?

With over 10 years of combined backflow installation, prevention and testing experience, All Needs Plumbing can assess your property fairly and accurately. We are committed and proud of our decade-long efficiency and competency in the plumbing industry. With our expertise in backflow testing and prevention, you can rest assured that your drinking water is clean and safe. We are serious in ensuring that we protect your business, organisation, your community and your homes by keeping your local water supply free from contaminants and health risks.

All Needs Plumbing is happy to install, service and test your backflow prevention device anytime. We are licensed to help homes and businesses meet all regulations required by Sydney Water. Any plumber can check and install a backflow device; however, the Australian law dictates that only a certified professional should perform the job. Work with the best and get your backflow prevention device certified with All Needs Plumbing. Call us at 1300 110 230 to book an appointment today.
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Prime Home Care Services has always utilised All Needs Plumbing for our clients plumbing needs. Servicing the Aged Care Sector we depend our contractors to “Tick” all the boxes with Insurances / Police Checks along with on-time appointments and All Needs Plumbing does just that. We highly recommend All Needs Plumbing.

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